Saturday, November 20, 2010

What I'm thinking about right now.

I guess this is a once-a-month kind of blog. I had big plans for it - tutorials! studio tour! calendar of events! I was going to have lots of followers and sell ad space to earn a little cash on the side...

Turns out, I get so wrapped up in the day to day of thinking up new things to make and chasing my now-crawling-and-never-sitting-still 9 month old that it's hard to take a breath and let people in on the process. Even to my husband, who usually gets a snippet of mid-brainstorm speech, a lot of what I'm doing turns out to be a surprise.

So I thought, why not write down what I'm thinking about before I actually do it? It could even have hidden benefits (one example off the top of my head: I won't forget what I wanted to do). Here's my idea:

During Noorderzon, a fine arts, theater and music festival in Groningen, I worked with a lovely group of women (and some male companions), giving workshops, taking pictures, and selling our handmade goods. Since then, we've been meeting every Tuesday to discuss our future crafty plans (as well as occasionally bitch about said males).

These Tuesday gatherings have come to mean a lot to me, and I wanted to make each lady a little something to show my appreciation. I won't say yet what it is, on the off chance that they read my blog. I will, however, post some pictures when I'm done (thereby breaking my once-a-month streak - huzzah!).


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