Frank and Gertrude came about as a happy accident. Initially motivated by an overwhelming desire just to sew, Megan Hoffman soon found herself firmly enchanted by the endless possibilities one has with a needle, thread and a piece of cool looking fabric (be it an old curtain, a brand spanking new squirrel design or an old ladies’ blouse from the Salvation Army).

When Meg ran out of friends, family and birthday boys and girls to bestow her unique designs upon she decided it was time to take the next step and start her own company.
Hating the idea of mass-producing the same design, she decided she would stick with what she already had been doing, making everything by hand and one of a kind. Every design thus retains the initial and spontaneous combustion of Meg’s endless imagination.

This way too the name Frank & Gertrude bubbled up from Meg’s quirky subconscious and firmly planted itself in her mind.

And what’s in a name? In this case, they were the names attached to a completely invented tale of two outhouses and their unrequited love, located somewhere in the Adirondack Mountains (NY) of Meg’s wonderfully foggy past.

Ahhh, yes…another happy accident leading to another happy day of sewing!